AP Literature and Composition: Schedule and Assignments

Monday, April 30

Multiple Choice Practice


H.W. Complete any multiple choice practice not completed in class.


Tuesday, May 1

Review multiple choie practice from yesterday

Writing: poetry prompt: read prompt and plan an essay


H.W. No homework due tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 2

Writing: question 2 prompt and passage: read prompt and prepare an outline


H.W. No homework.


Thursday, May 3

Continue review for AP Lit exam.


H.W. No homework.


Friday, May 4

Senior day!!


H.W. No homework


Monday, May 7

Question Three Mix and Mingle!


H.W. No homework.


Tuesday, May 8: Mrs. Light will not be here today

Writing: question two review

Review sample essays


H.W. Prepare for tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 9

AP Literature Exam!!!